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The pivital door.

The pivital door

The pivital door

In seeing this old door I saw it’s potential.  They are not made like this any more!  I first showed the house to my sister, Beth and a good friend Judy. We were about to walk in when I explained that this door was one of the reasons I wanted to buy this house.  My friend, Judy, sincerely asked if I could get my money back.  The tour of the home continued.  It was originally a single family home and made into a two flat.  It had been vacant for at least a year.

The purchase was made

houseWe saw this diamond in the rough and decided to jump in with both feet and wallets.  After watching many fix it up shows we decided to save this old house and renovate it with the character of its style and time.  It is just down the street from our house now. When we first looked at it we discovered that there were two other offers on the house so we put our bid in and with some negotiations we got the home!  The journey begins.