Transformed front door


Design for the front door etched glass.

Design for the front door etched glass.

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The bottom photo on the right is how we orginally found the front door.  It took many times of repair and sanding to get the door back to a better state.  The design on the paper is going to be the design that I will make in an etched glass pattern for the front door.  The blue is not really as brillant as it appears.

In search of a perfect sink.

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The powder room needs just the right sink.  I went to a couple antique stores and Habitat Reuse store, but did not find anything that did not look so beat up or the right style.  There was a real nice cabinet that had a nice marble top at Menards. I think that is the one to go on the first floor.  We are going to also have the washer and dryer moved to the first floor within the first floor bathroom.  The other two sink cabinets for the two other bathrooms we got at Habitat Reuse store and one is brand new and the other in fantastic shape.

Another dumpster amd more demo

IMAG0616 IMAG0615 IMAG0628 IMAG0609

We got our 4th dumpsters.  We have taken out almost 20 tons.  We removed the aluminum, but we recycled that truck load after truch load.  We would reuse as much of the material we could spending many hours taking out old nails.   We opened up the downstairs to a large open room so we had to put in additional headers.  We thought it also best to open up the kitchen with a great pass thru for better light and open floor plan.

New stairs being put back in to make in a single family home.

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The first pictures were the photos taken to send off for Meitek in St. Paul.  He was going to make the steps and bring them down with him.  We could tell with the foot print on the floor the previous stairs were in the same area that we put the new ones.  They stairs were made to be 40 inches across compared to the previous stairs which was probably 32 inches.  It took as much time trying to map out the placement of the risers and steps as it did putting them in.

Twin Cities was the place to shop for windows





 IMAG0397 IMAG0389 IMAG0391

I did this trip right before we closed on the house.  One last time to see old friends before I have the house.  In living in the Twin Cities I got to know a lot of places to look for antiques.  I scoured the city in looking of the right windows for the house.  I wanted to bring some old world charm back into this place and windows from 80 or more years ago have always have been special to me.  I went to one place I used to go to when I lived there and it had about a hundred windows to look through. I got the prism window there.   I found the stained glass window in a place I remember that salvaged architectual items.  They were on the pricey side, but did not have a lot of time to find the best deal and wanted some WOW for the house.  It deserves it.  Now I have to go back to my stained glass class at Light Haus to work on the windows.  I found a few new places from the show done in the Twin Cities called “Rehab Addict”.  She buyes old houses that are a “dollar” or foreclosed on.  The show is that she fixes up the homes as close to their original style.  She goes to these places to find things to fit in these homes again.  One is the Bauer Brothers in North of Mpls.  They are well worth the trip just to see the great things.  The prices are not that bad for the selection.

Found kitchen cabinets

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I found some great solid maple cabinets at the West Side Habitat for Humanity on Odana Road.  We were looking in the window the Saturday before and noticed some cabinets after the shop had closed.  I met a friend there on Tuesday and decided to buy them asap.  There were a lot of people looking at them.  THERE WERE 31 PIECES IN TOTAL.  We ended up renting a UHaul to transport them all and they are now taking over a large part of our basement until they can go to their new home!  I now call Habitat my happy place since I have found so many great deals there, it also goes for a great cause and you reuse!

Second floor or upper unit.

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This was the second unit.  You have to get up to it from the back stairs.  Scott cut a hole in the outside stair wall and built a ramp so we could dump the trash into the dumpsters.  It was still very cold weather, dirty and extremely heavy work.  There was two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.  There was a washer and dryer area in a closet off the kitchen.  We had each of the dumpster for the total of two weeks each.  I have to give a thank you to my sister, Beth who was crazy enough to come help.

Starting to Demo

IMAG0435 IMAG0436IMAG0437IMAG0439IMAG0447

We started to do the demo on the first floor.  Most of the walls were lath and plaster.  We were working in the cold since there was not heat in the place.  It got soooo cold.  If you stopped working you got cold.  You would get so hot from hauling that once you stopped it was hard to warm up again.  Our first dumpster was almost 6 tons.